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Rainy Season - Prevent water-borne diseases


Protect your child from the Rain 
and enjoy the rainbow of healthy life!!

         Water-Borne Diseases

Starting of the monsoon season brings a change in climate conditions from hot summer to intermittent showers to heavy rains. These humid and fluctuating climate conditions are conducive for air-water-borne diseases. Rather a perfect cozy environment for quick widespread of viruses and bacteria.

In such times kids are indeed easy targets of all these viruses. Thus we come across that every child is being affected and has complaints like cough and cold, dysentery, vomiting, stomach – headache, etc. This in turn causes low immunity and further getting exposed to newer diseases.

To add to the pressure kids are overburdened by their school homework and projects. Even the parents get overwhelmed by these timelines and thus bombard their kids with medications.
 And finally, post this complete episode, the parents have a natural response of
  •         either getting their kids all sorts of tests done for a detailed diagnosis
  •         or some just keep worrying about their child’s low immunity system
But the question here should be to know how to prevent falling into this never-ending spiral in the first place.

The ideal scenario would be, like in an animated movie, a ‘Jinni’ magically wipes out all the worries and discomforts and everyone is cleansed, healthy and fresh. But of course, the reality is the opposite.

Thus the best way to tackle this situation is by following few easy and simple steps.
  1.       Be vigilant about the food and drink habits of your kid. Water should be boiled and disinfected before consumption. Even milk should be properly boiled every time it is consumed. If suffering from stomach ache or indigestion, avoid/reduce milk consumption.
  2.      Maintain your surroundings clean and mosquito-free. Apply mosquito repellent before the kids go out to play.
  3.      Avoid eating street or restaurant food. Only home-cooked food should be consumed.
  4.      Keep away from crowded places like theatres or malls. This will surely help to prevent any sort of cough and cold infections.
  5.      Sick/infected children should avoid socializing. The reason being as your child might spread the infection, even your child is susceptible to being affected by other infections.
  6.      People are apprehensive to visit a doctor and consuming medicines. But it is a must in such situations. ‘Stitch in time saves nine. Rather than complicating the situation by delaying. Please act immediately and consult a doctor.
  7.      This constant worrying about all the infections and diseases obviously tips the parents to their threshold. Thus follow these 3 thumb rules as the best precautions. Carefully watch that your child has healthy dietary habits, maintain utmost cleanliness and intimate care.